“Hi!!!! I am happy to tell you that I don’t know what you did to my hip, but since I saw you, I have about a 90% improvement in pain for the first time since Oct 2015! I actually had dinner out last night and got up and was able to walk!!!! Thank you, thank you and more thank you!!!! To be able to make a difference in someone’s life is a blessing.”


“Jamie Rockwin is the best Physical Therapist I have ever had the privilege to be treated by, having received physical therapy many other places.”


“Try the rest and come to the best, you will never see another PT ever.”


“I would (and already have) highly recommend your office to anyone in need of therapy or training for that matter.”


“What I liked best about the office is the people. Everyone was so eager to help you. I feel much better and stronger than my first treatment.”


“From my first visit I was welcomed by the entire staff. Everyone made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Everyone works well together as a team and it shows.”


“I felt the therapists and trainers were very knowledgeable and each one of them (and I met and worked out with most of them) had something unique and helpful to add to my recovery.”


“There’s ONLY two things I can say, ‘If you want to get BETTER you have to see Jamie Rockwin.’ also, ‘If Jamie can’t get you BETTER then you AIN’T SICK!!'”


“A few years ago, my PT @ TS treated me for a nerve problem that was related to a problem with my back. In addition to treatment, she suggested exercises to do on my own at home to help. After a few months of therapy i was back in action. Now I’m physical training with her associate years later leaving the pain behind! Thank you for making me better as well as keeping me fit! ;)”


“I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”


Letter written for Professional of the Year 2008

“My daughter has been having trouble with nerve pain. She has been to Dr. after Dr. with no success. My insurance company would not approve of physical therapy and she was really suffering. I finally got a referral to see Jamie, but it took her staff hours on the phone and an actual trip to the HIP center where my doctors are. I have never in all my experience met a health care provider willing to help you every step of the way like Jamie. Not only is my daughter doing better, she was able to play soccer again and make her varsity team at Calhoun. I never thought it was possible. Jamie is a true professional; she cares about her patients and is willing to do whatever it takes to make them well. Her staff is fantastic and her office is beautiful. She is a caring member of our community and should be out next Professional of the Year.”

Ann Ruvolo

“I have been a patient of Jamie Rockwin, PT at Therapeutic Solutions Physical Therapy for 2 yrs. Jamie has a real passion for her work, not only is she very professional, but has a personable approach with her clients. Jamie makes me feel like I’m truly being cared for. She has educated me about my injury; inspired me too set goals, and even set me up with a nutrition plan. Since, I’ve been coming to her; I have made tremendous progress! I am so grateful to her and her entire staff.”


“I have become a patient of Jamie Rockwin and Therapeutic Solutions following a serious accident having being struck by a speeding bicyclist. The accident caused multiple injuries to my neck, back and knee. The care I received at Therapeutic Solutions was exceptional in every way; caring and professional. Jamie and her staff went above and beyond to help me put me on the road to recovery. I feel very fortunate to have been a patient of this practice and enthusiastically recommend them to others.”