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Applied Movement Neurology, AMN, is a system where the practitioner can assess for muscle imbalances, limited flexibility, decreased movement, coordination, balance, difficulty walking, pain modulation, negative emotions, and imbalances in the human body that can inhibit healing. The human body has an organization of systems, which are under reflexogenic control, and if inhibited, it can invoke pain, limit movement, promote movement dysfunction, cause falls, and hinder healing. In its application, AMN utilizes various techniques such as muscle testing to find dysfunction and can promote improved range, strength, balance, coordination, modulate pain, improve feeling of wellness, and enhance the immune system. AMN works through therapeutic touch, thought, and intention, calming the nervous system, which would prevent injury, pain and assist in the resolution of poor movement patterns, dysfunction of the body, and pain.

This is an out of pocket expense. Packages and single sessions are available. Call for pricing.

Jamie Rockwin is the only one who is skilled in this technique at the clinic.


AMN is a compilation of multiple fields of study and long-established accepted medical practices to help heal the human body. You have heard of acupuncture, chiropractic, and physical therapy treatments. AMN is not taught in any “medical curriculum”, but as a practice that enhances healing at a remarkable rate. As a Dr. of Physical Therapy and highest-level practitioner of AMN, I utilize this remarkable treatment to enhance my assessment skills and formulate a program, which helps your body heal itself in a most effective and expeditious manner. The process of evaluation utilizes a simple manual muscle test and involves gathering information from the brain and the body that may lie beneath the conscious awareness of the patient. Unlike the method of building a picture of dysfunction by listening to symptoms, our method is simply to find out from the body itself what barriers there are to healing from a bioelectrical perspective. In combination of my studies as Doctor of Physical Therapy and my continuing skills as an Applied Movement Practitioner, I can uncover hidden issues, that may not be detectable by a medical test, which can be a barrier to healing. These hidden barriers sometimes cannot be overcome easily and becomes a chronic condition.


Once I have found the imbalances in your system, I can now normalize them. AMN techniques are aimed at helping your body heal itself. Sometimes the client feels the effects of the treatments immediately, and for others, it may take several treatments. This is dependent on several factors including age of the dysfunction, the state of overall health in the body, and other environmental conditions.

Treatments are implemented with touch, intention, and/or verbal communication and finished with tapping techniques.


The body is a bioelectrical field. It emits energy. A familiar and well accepted test that detects brain waves is called an EEG (electroencephalogram). Another common test that measures bioelectrical current is an ECG (electrocardiogram). These tests measure the electrical output of the heart. Both these tests detect abnormalities in the bioelectrical fields and can tell us how well your brain and heart are functioning. A familiar scientific example of how we can transmit energy is what I call the simple “touch and shock test”. If I rub my feet on the carpet and then touch you, we can get a “shock”. That is actually a transference of energy. We can transfer energy in many ways, by touch, by thought or intention, and by verbal and non-verbal communication. The brain “processes” these inputs and we can utilize them to enhance the healing process.


Where invisible energy fields are identified as a cause of dysfunction, another frequency can sometimes be required in order to influence the healing process. While it can be difficult to process, there is growing evidence to support the benefits of intention as a modality for normalizing electrical activity. In my experience, as both practitioner and receiver of this therapy, when applied accurately, it can be exactly the input the body requires. The process of delivering frequency, or the transfer of energy from healer to patient, requires a level of skill and practice as it requires concentration and the achievement of certain brain wave states.


Be careful what you say to yourself, you are listening. Words have an incredible healing power in people’s lives. Words of love, comfort and encouragement have a positive impact on people’s lives and vice versa. This is evidenced by health in the body. Positive speech is a weapon against disease. AMN practitioners can communicate with the body with actual verbal communication. The brain processes the speech and facilitates the body to heal by removing the barriers to normalizing the imbalances.


Tapping as a therapeutic practice isn’t new; it has been used in ancient methods such as Qi Gong and has been popularized with the emergence of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) therapy. The accuracy of application via the assessment process simply adds the benefit of specificity to the process. When pressure is applied to a crystalline structure, electricity is released. Crystalline structures are abundant in the human body because the structure of bone itself is crystalline.[6]

Therefore the act of tapping on bony sites releases electrons which can be supplied to the area of the body where voltage is low and therefore pain signals or inflammatory conditions are not clearing up. By assessing for accurate locations within the body where these additional electrons are required and then applying compression in the form of repeated tapping, we release the energy required, and the body utilizes those electrical resources to balance and optimize its circuitry. This technique is non-threatening and relaxing to the nervous system.


Movement begins in utero and further develops after birth. Early on in our development, our heads lift up to see the environment. This alerts us to the world surrounding us. Reflexively moving at first, we discover the environment, and then as we develop, we move with intention. When hurt we cannot move efficiently and can develop abnormal movement patterns as a result of our reflexive nature. Sometimes a pathology such as pain and inflammation require targeted movements to facilitate healing. Specific stretching and movement drills can be assessed for and are advised to enhance and maintain functional health.

When the body is low on resources it can struggle to function at optimal levels. We know that we need plenty of water, clean foods, and exercise to stay well. Sometimes the body can have difficulty in absorbing certain nutrients, and there may be some short-term supplementation required until the system has been appropriately balanced. It’s also sometimes the case that additional resources are required following a session to optimize healing and prevent any “healing crisis” from occurring. Practitioners may advise things like earthing, sun exposure at certain times of day, water intake, electrolytes, mineral supplements, DHA, and even meditation which is proven to have positive balancing effects on the nervous system. Once again, these can be assessed for and advised accordingly.

Treatment at A Distance

Much like we can hear radio waves when we tune into a frequency of “102.7” or your cell phone receives a text from my cell phone, a master AMN practitioner can “tune into” your frequency to detect its functioning.

The process of assessment can be performed at a distance by the skilled practitioner by using a muscle test on themselves rather than the patient. Once the assessment process is completed, the practitioner may instruct the patient on where to tap themselves, or they may apply an intention process.

Many master practitioners treat via video call, myself included. This can be a difficult concept for some, but once we establish that it isn’t so much the parts of the body themselves being manipulated as it is the electrical fields, even those within the dysfunctional cell, it’s perhaps a little easier to accept.

The science is still being investigated, but we actually have a pretty good idea how it works. A detailed explanation is beyond the scope in this information brochure, but it involves the newest scientific discoveries on consciousness, quantum entanglement, and understanding the contents of what looks like empty space. Remember that the visible spectrum is around 0.003% of the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio waves, the internet, television signals all travel through this space, and so do plenty of other frequencies. Tuning into the specific frequency signal of another human being isn’t necessarily an obvious skill to develop, but many people do it all the time – like when you think of a person just before they call or text.

The truth is, everything seems unbelievable and magical until it becomes accepted, and we don’t even have to really understand how the finer details work. As an example, I’m old enough to remember when we had wired phones, a life without the internet and computers, and if you’d have told me that we’d be able to have a video conversation with someone in another country on a screen the size of a wallet with no wires attached, I think I’d have smiled and said, “what a great sci-fi movie that’d be”. And yet here we are! I have no idea how smart phones actually work; I’m a human engineer, not a technical whizz, but it works, and I like how useful and effective it is. So when I say I can treat someone at a distance, I suppose it’s like upgrading from wired internet on a clunky desktop PC to wireless broadband on an i-phone – super convenient, particularly with the challenges of a lockdown.


We as humans are in constant flux. We go in and out of homeostasis or balance on a regular basis, but a healthy individual with the right resources can normalize itself. You can sense an imbalance in your system by electrical signals. For example, the vagus nerve in your body can send signals to your brain that the stomach is in dysfunction.

The brain then can cause you to vomit as a reflexive response to rid the cause of illness. As a Physical Therapist, I was taught to evaluate and treat people with certain diagnoses, such as ankle sprains, herniated discs, rotator cuff tears, and even Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis to name a few. As an AMN student, I studied for three years intensively how the human nervous system functions. I continue to learn about quantum physics and how we can be more effective healers. Being an AMN practitioner further enhances my skills as a Dr of Physical Therapy and allows me to quickly pinpoint key areas to address for intensifying healing. In my vast experience as a Dr. of Physical Therapy and a master AMN practitioner, it does not matter what the “diagnosis” is, but rather, the barriers to healing are what’s important. My patients often refer to me as “MaJic- with a J” for Jamie. They do so because my “recipe for healing” appears to be “majical”. I systematically search the body for dysfunctions, clear them as they present, and prescribe them with the key to impactful functional movement and resources for enhancement of the human condition. When they feel better, it does not matter how they got there, only that they are now there!


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