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Mallory Crisona

Mallory Crisona

Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer

Mallory received her Bachelor’s degree as an Exercise Specialist from Hofstra University and was decorated with the highest honors of Summa Cum Laude. She has participated in various research studies focusing on abdominal, core work, aerobic and anaerobic health and endurance.

She obtained her Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and is CPR/AED certified. Her superior education combined with her years of clinical experience in physical therapy makes Mallory an exercise specialist in training people with pre-existing injuries and those wishing to improve cardiovascular health. Mallory also has a strong training focus on athletes who play basketball, softball, lacrosse, tennis, and track.

Throughout 2010 I have been training with Mallory at TSPT Fitness. Working with Mal has been a perfect addition to my fitness activities. Her knowledge and experience in exercise physiology and proper body mechanics enables her to provide me a safe, comprehensive and varied workout.

Under Mallory’s guidance, I have become stronger, more toned and lost weight. Having an upbeat, easy to be with, well educated trainer has finally made working out a pleasurable and productive experience. I even got my 70+ year old mom to work out with Mallory!


Realizing that exercising on my own was going nowhere, I decided to look into working with a personal trainer. Jamie introduced me to her associate, Mallory Crisona. After one trial session with Mallory, I was sold!

Her extensive knowledge of personal training helped her craft a half hour session of training that was enjoyable and challenging, yet left me with an increased energy level the day after.

I purchased the 20 session package and now I’m at the end of that package. I have increased strength, increased energy level, and built up endurance. The aches and pains I had in my back and legs have vanished as well.

Mallory’s level of care shows in her sessions. She always asks how my home training is going and offers her input. Mallory pushes me to do better while keeping me safe from straining myself.

She has built a training relationship with me that has changed the way I look at exercise. I look forward to continuing my sessions with her.

  • Burn the Calories with Mallory

    Burn the Calories with Mallory

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    Cardio Boxing

  • Core Training

    Core Training

  • Serious Core Workout

    Serious Core Workout

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    LE Stregthening

Christopher Zincone (the guy in the pictures)

Christopher Fitzpatrick

Christopher Fitzpatrick

Exercise Specialist

Chris graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. He interned at J.P. Verdisco Exercise Health and Fitness along with Sports and Fitness Performance where he applied medical fitness and functional movements to create individualized exercise programs At The Annex, Chris works with a wide variety of populations. He focuses on empowering others and helping them achieve results with functional movement. By identifying movement dysfunction, lifestyle demands and goals of the client, Chris helps them reach their goals safely and efficiently through exercise science, corrective and functional exercise, and coaching. His target populations are pain relief, degenerative disorders, and athletes. Chris has a zest for health himself and loves to stay active whether it’s going to the gym, surfing or playing sports, basketball being his favorite.

Ian Novick, Exercise Specialist

Ian Novick

Exercise Specialist

Ian Novick is our resident Yogi. He has a BS in exercise science from Hofstra University. Ian has been practicing Yoga for his entire life. He prides himself on his Yoga being a purely functional in style. Ian utilizes his additional knowledge on increasing mobility and flexibility from martial arts, powerlifting and working with a myriad of different athletes. He also focuses on teaching techniques that clients can apply on their own to increase understanding and awareness of their body and take control of their pain/discomfort. So, whether you’re looking to decrease pain and discomfort or increase mobility and flexibility Ian is ready to help. He offers one on one and Yoga class instruction.

Alexander Eberenz, Exercise Specialist

Alexander Eberenz

Exercise Specialist

Alex graduated from the University of Delaware in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Exercise science. During Alex’s time in Delaware he volunteered as a PT aide and studied subjects such as biomechanics, exercise physiology and sports healthcare. Alex has devoted his life to improving the well-being of others and moving forward he wishes to achieve his dream of becoming a physical therapist.

Matthew Accetta, Exercise Specialist

Matthew Accetta

Exercise Specialist

Matt obtained his Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Humanities and Social Science from Nassau Community College in 2014 where he earned all-scholastic honors on the 2013 NJCAA national championship wrestling team. He has continued his education at Hofstra University to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science upon graduation 2016 he then decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Sports Science from Hofstra University with a concentration in Exercise Physiology. While at Hofstra Matt worked on various research studies and is a coauthor on several published research papers including his thesis. Matt is currently certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, The American College of Sports Medicine as a Certified Exercise Physiologist and by The International Society of Sports Nutrition as a Certified Sports Nutritionist.