Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Limber Health: A Better Way to Support Your Home Exercise Program

While a home exercise program is an important key to success with a physical therapy plan of care, sticking to it is often easier said than done. While research shows that up to 80% of a patient’s success is determined outside of their clinical visit, only 35% of patients stay committed to their home exercise program.

Meet Limber Health, a new way for Therapeutic Solutions patients to support their at-home exercise. Limber is an easy to use and secure app where patients access follow along videos of the exercises selected by their physical therapist. Patients also receive virtual support from a Limber Health Care Navigator to help them stay on track with their at-home program.

A Care Navigator is a licensed therapy professional who is dedicated to assisting Therapeutic Solutions patients in between their in-clinic appointments by:

  • Answering questions about the Limber Health app
  • Following along with patient progress while at home
  • Offering encouragement and motivation
  • Staying in communication with a patient’s Therapeutic Solutions therapist to best inform their care plan

Limber offers patients digital tools and support to keep them on track with their therapist’s prescribed home exercise program and help them get back to doing the activities they love most.

Ask your provider for more information on enrolling in the Limber Health program.

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